Writing Credits


  • the Writer Magazine – “Earn Lucrative Fees by Making the Complex Understandable”
  • Writer’s Digest Magazine  – “7 Steps for Great Technical Writing”
  • RealScreen Magazine – “The Killer Pitch”
  • Writers’ Journal – “Sitcom Writing: Getting Your Foot in the Door”
  • FellowScript Newsletter – “Strong Openers Hook Editors”
  • the Writer’s Handbook 2004
  • Tickled by Thunder’s: The Year’s Best Fiction  – “My Imperfect Storm”
  • Animation Magazine – “How to Pass the Character Design Test and Draw for Animated TV”  and “Crafting a Career: Six Questions and Answers about Prop Design”
  • The Bay Ridge Home Reporter  – Feature articles (2000-2002)
  • Rockaway Point News – “The Imperfect Man”
  • Woodside Herald – “Eating Us Out of House and Home” (The Imperfect Man)
  • America’s Funniest Humor! Book Three


  • WritersWeekly.com – “How to Successfully Query Your Sitcom Spec Scripts Over the Phone”
  • AbsoluteWrite Newsletter – Interview with Larry Brody, Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer
  • WriteSuccess Newsletter – “How to Successfully Start Your Own Writing Class”
  • The Writer Gazette – “7 Ways to Improve Your Joke Writing “


  • “Homer Weighs In” (The Simpsons spec script) –  Finalist in the 72nd Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition (TV/Movie Script category)
  • “Fun for the Whole Family” and “The Waterboy” – Semi-finalist in the “America’s Funniest Humor Contest!”

2 responses to “Writing Credits

  1. Impresseive body of writing, sir! I doff my hat!

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