Imperfect Man Column

The Imperfect Man was a humor column I wrote for 5 years  that offered a peek into my life as a father, husband, and sports addict. The column ran on, the Rockaway Point News (, and the Bay Ridge Home Reporter. You can check out many of the  archived columns here on the site. And, of course, check out, “How Not to Parent, ” the book based on the column!

Here’s what people are saying:

  • Dallas Woodburn, author of the book 3 AM, writes, “Great column, you have a wonderful way with humor.”
  • “Hey, I read your new humor column. It’s not only funny…  but clever…  and well-written.” Bob Mills, former head joke writer for Bob Hope.
  • “Your writing is tight and the line of humor is solid throughout. From one writer to another, it is a pleasure to read.” Linda Sharp, author of Stretchmarks On My Sanity and co-author of Femail: A Comic Collision In Cyberspace.
  • “If you want to succeed as a writer, find a niche and serve it well. Brad Manzo is a very good example of someone who does just this. He writes a regular column targeted at young parents. Usually he adds a very clever twist, referencing back to his own childhood and thus making the column resonate with people in their 50s and older.” Hugh Madison, author of American Invisible, Inc.

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